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Case studies

Absolutely. Read on to see real examples from TRC customers.

Doubling ridership with commingled on-demand and paratransit service in Fairfield, California

California’s FAST Transit has seen more than doubled on-demand ridership since launching commingled paratransit service with TRC in September 2023. 

The service, using existing paratransit vehicles, replaced unproductive fixed routes and since launch has seen over…

  • 100% increase in trips in the first month of commingling,
  • Over 1,000 app downloads, 
  • 99% on-time performance,
  • over 60% booking within the Ride Pingo™ app (versus call-ins),  
  • more than 23,000 people moved, and a
  • 4.7 (out of 5) average rider trip rating.

Read more about FAST Transit's innovation here

FAST Transit Percentage of Trips Booked via Call Center

Moving 31,000 students safely across campus with daytime on-demand and evening safe ride services in Virginia

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is a major public university located in Richmond Virginia with over 31,000 actively enrolled students. VCU and its vehicle operator, RMA Worldwide, needed to replace their existing software provider and improve transportation for students and faculty. 

In response to needs for daytime fixed-route vehicle tracking, TRC developed Pingo Shuttle™ to track “RamRide" – a shuttle service to VCU's remote parking facilities – while integrating TRC’s existing on-demand technology for late-night “RamSafe” service.

RamSafe’s on-demand service area overlaps with several Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) fixed-routes, meaning students can use Pingo Journey™ to connect with GRTC routes to reach their destinations when destinations fall outside of the on-demand service area.

RamSafe relies heavily on the use of Pingo Venues™ to help consolidate pick-up locations on campus located at the center of downtown Richmond, Virginia.

The result?

  • 60,000+ passengers moved per month across both services.
  • An average of 7.3 per vehicle revenue hour across peak and off peak in the last month.
  • A 37% shorter wait time and 12% fewer cancellations compared to the previous software provider.
  • 4.9 (out of 5) average rider trip rating.

Our partnership with VCU and RMA is evidence of three of TRC’s unique capabilities: 

  1. We can run different service delivery models, from on-demand to fixed-route services, in our single Pingo platform in the same area. 
  2. This deployment highlights our ability to develop new products (fixed-route tracking) and launch quickly, as we had only 40 days between the initial introduction conversation and service launch. 
  3. Our operations team’s strong ongoing support with both VCU and RMA demonstrates our ability to work well with multiple program stakeholders.

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) PAX Following Launch

Delivering first-and-last-mile rides to Sonoma County Airport with microtransit

  • Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) is a commuter rail service spanning Sonoma and Marin counties in California. Its 45-mile system moves more than 500,000 passenger trips annually. 
  • SMART selected TRC to provide software for its new microtransit service, SMART Connect, which offers accessible on-demand transit with an emphasis on first-and-last-mile connections to the Sonoma County Airport (STS) using an EV. 
  • SMART plans to scale service to 20 vehicles to empower commuters and residents across the rail system to access SMART stations. This service utilizes an all-electric, wheelchair-accessible vehicle, equipped with comfortable seating and luggage space. 
  • This deployment is TRC’s fourth in the state of California.

Powering meaningful movement with on-demand transit in Andorra

We launched a fleet in Escalades-Engordany, Andorra in 2021. Transit there hasn’t been the same since. How did it change?

  • At peak service, we serviced 25 customers per hour in Andorra. Our average customers per revenue hour across peak and off peak in the last month was 8.5.
  • We’ve completed over 200,000 passenger trips (maintaining wait times of less than 10 minutes).
  • We reached a max of 18 max concurrent passengers per vehicle, meaning Andorra’s vehicles are filled to capacity, dynamically and consistently.

That’s almost 1,500 people using our platform at least four times a month to get where they need to go – including the Mayor, who uses it often. 

Responding to real-time resident and tourist travel needs in Bainbridge, Washington with on-demand, flexible, and commingled transit

Our full Pingo suite increased ridership with Kitsap Transit on Bainbridge Island in Kitsap County, Washington, and continues to respond to rider needs in real-time. 

The service actively supports both residential and tourist transportation, while also providing consolidated pick-ups and drop-offs using Pingo Venues™ to keep vehicles moving more quickly in hard to reach places on the island. 

Since launching in late 2021, more riders than ever utilize this Pingo-powered service. How?

  • The Pingo app has become a community favorite: call center bookings, once the only way to book a ride, decreased by 60%.
  • We achieved 22 passengers moved per vehicle revenue hour during peak times, with sustained rider app ratings of 4.9 out of 5.0 stars.  

Together, we’ve launched new in-app products. Pingo Flex™, which allows fixed-route segments and scheduled stops, was successfully piloted here to serve unique community needs.

Kitsap recently announced its plans to expand on-demand services with TRC through a 5-year agreement following a public RFP process, where Kitsap Transit will now utilize TRC's commingling products to provide efficient on-demand and complementary ADA services.

Intermixing on-demand and fixed routes for residents and university students in Ames, Iowa

CyRide used Pingo Journey™ and Transit Connect™ features to connect with existing transit network and customize fleet parameters of two services:

  • Moonlight Express, a late-evening point-to-point service for ISU students to get home safely, and 
  • East Ames Service Extension (EASE), a daytime point-to-hub service moving local residents from beyond the limits of CyRide’s fixed-route service in East Ames to the Ames City Hall.

The result?

  • 45% reduction in call center volume.
  • 6.94 average passengers moved per vehicle revenue hour during peak times.
  • Up to 16 passengers moved per vehicle revenue hour during peak times.
  • 4.97 (out of 5) average rider trip rating.
  • 45% of trips have been in-app bookings (previously, 100% of Moonlight Express and EASE services were booked through CyRide’s Call Center).

Connecting communities in the Pacific Northwest

Clallam Transit System (“CTS”) is the public transportation provider in Clallam County, Washington, located northwest of Seattle and south of Canada’s Vancouver Island.

With a fleet of approximately 100 vehicles, CTS provides demand-response, paratransit, fixed-route, and intercounty bus services across Clallam County delivering over 630,000 rides per year and supporting nearly 78,000 residents.

TRC partnered with CTS to provide point-to-point transit in Clallam’s Sequim and Forks communities, leveraging the Transit Connect™ feature to ensure easy and seamless trip scheduling for riders (namely older adults, local residents, families, and commuters).

This deployment required a 100% virtual program launch. As a result, TRC developed a brand new virtual launch process that successfully delivered all core elements to launch a service.

The result?

  • 55% decrease in call center volume.
  • 9 passengers moved per vehicle revenue hour during peak times.
  • 4.97 (out of 5) average rider trip rating.

Don't forget funding

The FTA currently offers several programs to support on-demand and commingled paratransit deployments.

Grants & Programs

The Federal Transit Administration ("FTA") offers multiple programs that can support on-demand transit and enhanced paratransit service, including real-time service and intermediate stops. This includes:

Further, the FTA recently announced new funding via the:

ATTAIN funding helps develop model deployments of large-scale implementation and operation of a diverse set of advanced transportation technologies, including on-demand and shared mobility technologies.

ICAM funding helps transit agencies to enhance access and mobility to vital community services for older adults, people with disabilities, and people of low income. An additional $4.8 million is authorized for FY24 and FTA may award additional funding that is made available to the program prior to the announcement of project selections.

The above funding programs align closely with our mission at The Routing Company: expanding access, driving sustainability, and increasing equitable mobility. Our award-winning Pingo platform delivers efficient, affordable, and seamless on-demand service for communities around the world.

Let us help bring your on-demand and commingled paratransit services to life. Reach out at and let’s chat.