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Transit that moves with you

We build smart, sustainable transit solutions that are more reliable and accessible than other mobility options. Our technology is based on a 2017 study that has been hailed by CNN as ‘a striking example of the potential around ridesharing.’

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How it works

The Routing Company dynamically routes shared rides in real time through a fleet management dashboard, a rider app and a driver app. It’s easy to use and built for speed at city-wide scale.

Image Real-time routing engine proven to lower fleet size and reduce rider wait times
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    The Routing Company partners with you

    We work with you to build solutions that are tailor-made to your transit needs.

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    Our routing engine gets to work

    You get access to tools and technology that calculate the most optimal routes for your vehicles and riders in real time.

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    Less stress, more time and money saved

    Riders enjoy lower wait times and more reliable service. With The Routing Company, transit moves with you.

  • ”A striking example of the potential around ridesharing.”
  • “There are thousands of transit agencies working independently to solve similar problems. We are here to help them work together and increase coordination.”
    James Cox, CEO, The Routing Company
  • ”Perhaps the most important part of the system is a dynamic repositioning of vehicles based on real-time demand, which makes the system 20 percent faster.”
    The Verge

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How The Routing Company can help

The Routing Company is focused on partnering with cities, transit authorities and operators to make transit more dynamic, more reliable and more accessible.


Private Fleets

It’s not easy to build
an efficient pooled
shuttle app. Use
The Routing Company
to launch a rider app and driver app to match your needs. 

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Demand-responsive Transit

Many transit authorities worldwide experimenting with on demand buses and shuttles.  The Routing Company will make these efforts possible in real time. 

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Transit & Para-transit (WAV) Authorities

Wait times are typically far higher for those who needs WAVs. The Routing Company can help your operators improve the experience of those in most need.

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Meet our leadership

We are a team of builders from technology, transportation, academia and public policy with a passion for helping cities unlock transit’s full potential.

Menno van der Zee

Specialized in mobility-on-demand systems
for high capacity vehicles
Alex Wallar
Co-Founder & CTO

Specialized in mathematical optimization for
high-capacity shared rides
James Cox The Routing Company
James Cox

Ridesharing industry leader who launched
uberPOOL globally from inception 
Bradford Church The Routing Company
Bradford Church
Director of Product

Ridesharing veteran and product expert
who launched uberBUS globally 

The Routing Company Products

Choose the right set of The Routing Company Products

Rider & Driver Apps

Provide highly efficient shared routes in real time for fleets of up to 5000 vehicles using your fleet.

Fleet Management & Analytics Dashboard

Monitor the performance of your fleet in action and make decisions to improve it.

On-demand Routing API

Provide highly efficient shared routes in real time for fleets of up to 5000 vehicles.

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