Our Offering

Our products make transit more convenient and reliable for all

Our Core Suite products are at the heart of all we do. Our rider app Ride Pingo™, our driver app Drive Pingo™, and our operator control center Pingo Dashboard™ are all designed with a user-first mentality, work seamlessly together, and are driven by our uniquely powerful, proprietary Algorithm.

Drive Pingo™ App

A mobile app that makes driving a breeze


Designed to make driving as easy as possible, Drive Pingo™ allows drivers to  manage ride requests, drop offs, pickups, and more.


Drive Pingo™ offers the following benefits:

Cleanly and simply designed, the app is available for both iOS and Android.

Drive Pingo™ offers turn-by-turn, hands-free navigation for drivers.

Drive Pingo™ prioritizes rider privacy with three-digit ticket numbers, instead of rider names.

An industry first, it can be used by drivers in any of the Ride Pingo™ deployments worldwide.

TRC is continuously optimizing and improving the Drive Pingo™ interface based on driver feedback – recent improvements include display of speed limits on major roads, increased map size, and higher color contrast.

As a driver, Drive Pingo™ makes connecting people in our community a breeze... The driver app gives clear and simple guidance to pick up/drop off our passengers from door to door in the most efficient way possible.


Pingo™ Driver, Scotland