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Our Offering

Our products make transit more convenient and reliable for all

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Our team was spun out of MIT high capacity on-demand transit researchers and expanded upon by the team that built Uber POOL and Uber Bus. Since then, our transit customers have directly built the products below with us and many transit experts have joined our team.

Built for transit


Our products are built based on the needs of transit operators and the community. Our on-demand ride-sharing platform, Pingo, powers sustainable and equitable transport at scale.

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Pingo rider app

Connect riders to all modes of transit within one app using an intuitive map-based interface.

Transit Connect

Guarantee that Pingo riders connecting to fixed-route services never miss their onward journey on train, bus, or ferry.

Pingo Journey

Allow riders to plan trips using any combination of Pingo on-demand, fixed-route, Pingo flex and Pingo paratransit modes. On-demand rides no longer exist in a vacuum. 

Pingo Flex

Deliver services anywhere on the spectrum from fully fixed to fully on-demand. Create routes with fixed, scheduled stops for peak hours, while allowing for on-demand deviations from these stops during off-peak hours.

Pingo Access

Provide paratransit services that make your transit network fully inclusive. Accessible transit is more than just an obligation, it's an opportunity. Pingo Access is purpose-built to make paratransit fleets work better. 

Your transit command center


Increase the reach of transit networks by effectively combining on-demand, fixed, flex and paratransit modes on a single platform. 

Pingo OS

Empower service managers to meet the evolving needs of their community and relevant regulations. Control all aspects of fleet operations and service configurations in real time and easily export compliant data reports.

Call center booking tool

Let dispatchers easily book trips on behalf of riders without our app. Riders are provided with automated reminders via SMS notifications and phone calls. Dispatchers can also view real time vehicle locations to provide additional updates.

Simulation tool

Run simulations to determine the optimal balance between (i) door-to-door trips and using virtual bus stops and; (ii) overall fleet efficiency and the individual rider experience.

Do more with less


Drastically improve personal mobility and network coverage with the same budget or less.

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Routing algorithms

The Routing Company's intelligent routing & scheduling algorithms, inspired by research at MIT, allows each fleet to serve more people with the same budget and higher convenience.

Support & innovation

After collaborating closely to launch each new service, our ops team provides 24/7 dedicated support to all Pingo riders, drivers, and operators. In addition, our builders team continuously delivers innovative solutions based on direct feedback from our customers and riders.


Built for those who move people

  • Transit agencies
  • Municipalities
  • Fleet operators
  • Universities
  • Corporate campuses
  • Large events 
  • Medical transportation

Your transit toolset

Pingo rider app

Pingo gives riders access to plan, book, and pay for public transit in their community

  • Request on-demand rides
  • Schedule pre-booked rides
  • Plan & schedule trip on fixed routes
  • Configure preferences
  • Pay for public transit
  • Push notifications