Our Offering

Our products make transit more convenient and reliable for all

Our Core Suite products are at the heart of all we do. Our rider app Ride Pingo™, our driver app Drive Pingo™, and our operator control center Pingo Dashboard™ are all designed with a user-first mentality, work seamlessly together, and are driven by our uniquely powerful, proprietary Algorithm.

Pingo Dashboard™

Complete control of your service – minimal effort


Pingo Dashboard™ is an online, full service command center for transit agencies and operators. Effortlessly, you can monitor and control daily operations, call center functions, scheduling, and advanced trip booking.

Pingo Dashboard™ is powered by the same engine as our driver app (Drive Pingo™) and our rider app (Ride Pingo™): TRC’s powerful, market-leading algorithm.


With any of your live deployments, you can:

See real-time performance metrics.

Track the location and status of your vehicles.

View and/or amend the service area.

View and/or amend service days and times.

View and/or amend driver schedules.

View rider numbers over time.

View specific trip history.

Undertake rider profile management.

Conduct simulations for potential fleet areas.

From my perspective as manager, Pingo™ made my life and that of the citizens living in the Parish easier while improving our efficiency. As manager, [using the Pingo Dashboard™] I am able to get more out of my drivers while providing better service. Additionally, the Pingo™ Team at The Routing Company have held my hand every step of the way.

Montserrat Martell

Project Manager, Andorra