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Pingo Access™

Transform your paratransit offerings


Finally — modern paratransit software that empowers your staff to delight riders and lower your costs.

Pingo Access™ is a feature within the Pingo platform optimized for paratransit — and enhances operational efficiency, rider experience, and local control.

What it can do

A platform built for dynamic, flexible paratransit.

Adapt to the changing needs of your riders, drivers, and operators.

Operate efficiently across modalities with real-time optimization.

Empower your dispatchers to respond to real-time incidents and cater to unique rider needs.

Book trips in seconds with an intuitive flow and custom profiles.

Lower operating costs with a groundbreaking scheduling algorithm.

Commingle transit services — and allow all riders to move together.


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Learn more about Pingo Access™ in our launch announcement.

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Moving communities now

Pingo Access™ is currently live in Fairfield, California.

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