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Pingo™ Call Center Booking

Ensuring that everyone can book


A substantial number of Pingo™ users have mobility and accessibility needs that make phone booking much easier than navigating mobile apps.

With those users in mind, our call center feature within the Pingo Dashboard™ allows operators to manually enter rides from call-in requests to the operator or agency’s call center.

Located within the Pingo Dashboard™, the Pingo™ Call Center booking tool only shows call center-booked trips (operators can select the Trip Manager tab to show all booked trips).

This is helpful in case a customer wants to restrict their (own or subcontracted) call center staff from having access to other parts of the dashboard.


Pingo Call Center Booking allows customers (or their subcontractors) to:

Book trips made via their call center

Amend or cancel trips made via their call center

View real time vehicle locations of call-center booked trips, so that call center staff can provide live updates to riders.