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Guaranteed Pre-Booking

Let your riders plan ahead with confidence


A feature uniquely offered by The Routing Company, Guaranteed Pre-Booking allows riders to schedule on-demand transit a minimum of 60 minutes and a maximum of 15 days in advance.

Riders can schedule ahead to arrive in time for job interviews, medical appointments, and more.

Riders can select the number of spaces required, and the date and time of the proposed trip. If a vehicle cannot be booked for that exact time, one will be booked for the closest time within 60 minutes where possible.

Guaranteed pre-booking uses the Pingo™ algorithm to optimize the route to pick up on-demand passengers around pre-booked pickups. To ensure that drivers will be available during periods when this feature is turned on, operators can access an easy-to-use shift scheduler within Pingo Dashboard™.

Case Study


Guaranteed Pre Booking was first launched in Indiana with the Midtown-Get-Around service, run by the MLK Center.

100% Fulfillment

To date, 100% of pre-booked rides have been fulfilled.

Midtown-Get-Around has become a cornerstone of our community members’ daily routines, and TRC’s Pingo platform is uniquely responsive to the needs of our riders, while offering unmatched flexibility and reliable service.

Erin Marshall

Community Resources Director, MLK Center.