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Pingo Rural™

Supercharge rural transit with on-demand and commingled service optimized for rural deployments.


Pingo Rural™ is a package containing preset configurations optimized to rural customers and housed within TRC’s Pingo platform.

Announced in 2024, Pingo Rural™ encompasses constraints and optimization tailored to the needs of sprawling rural deployments, and includes the ability to operate all modes – fixed routes, on-demand, paratransit, and shuttle routes.

Customers operating Pingo Rural™ can further customize service by adding on Pingo features as desired, such as: 

  • Pingo Shuttle™ feature (supporting “light” fixed route services), 
  • First and last mile on-demand microtransit, and 
  • Commingled paratransit services with Pingo Access™.

Better for riders

Pingo Rural™ helps alleviate pain points created by inefficient transportation deployments by right-sizing service based on demand that best fits community needs.

Better for operators

Pingo Rural™ delivers more accessible, flexible, and convenient modes of transit, meaning greater utilization of an existing fleet, meaning more people per vehicle per revenue hour (or “PAX”). 

Case Study

Current deployments

TRC currently supports rural deployments in East and West Sussex (UK); Solano County (California); Campbeltown, Dunoon, East Lothian, and Berwickshire (Scotland), Chillicothe (Ohio), and Clallam County (Washington).

In rural Scotland, Pingo has powered the movement of more than 20 times the passengers since launching – from one bus picking up 14 passengers per week to more than 380 passengers per week after the implementation of Pingo Rural™.

Of its current rural deployments, TRC’s routing engine powers utilization of 9.4 PAX at its peak. For rural and urban deployments, TRC’s seat utilization continues to be unmatched at an average PAX of 9.5 (versus industry average of 1.5).