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The Hub™

Comprehensive operational overview and management for dispatchers.


The Hub™ is located in the Pingo Dashboard™ and allows users to see all elements – shifts, vehicles, drivers, and trips – in one place.

It is a departure from industry standard, which requires users to manage operations from different pages and thus reduces valuable local context. 

With operational overview provided in one place, The Hub™ gives users the context they need, where and when they need it, ultimately helping them understand how all elements work together to make the best service decisions.

The Hub™ is especially valuable for managing commingled paratransit services, because it provides a snapshot of daily operations and the ability to view services progressing throughout the day. 


More intuitive

The Hub™ replaces the “Shifts” view in the Pingo Dashboard™ with a more intuitive and insightful experience, showing all shift events (like routes, breaks, and trips) in a timeline view.

Dispatchers can see when shifts are busy and which trips are shared, which is illustrated by trips stacked on top of each other within a shift. They can also assign drivers to shifts and view or print shift manifests. 

Better trip management

Within The Hub™ are features including:

  • Trip Detail Drawers, which allows users to open trip details to edit and/or reassign trips, and
  • Overflow Trips, which allows users to see overflow trips not currently assigned to a shift at the top of the page.