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Pingo Journey™

Plan an end-to-end journey with this world-first feature


Pingo Journey™ turns the Ride Pingo™ app into a one stop transit shop. A world-first for an on-demand transit app, Pingo Journey™ lets users plan an entire journey door-to-door across all available modes of public transit.

The feature recommends the best combination of standard or paratransit on-demand, flex routes, fixed route buses, rail lines, ferries and all other available modes to get users where they want as quickly as possible. Pingo Journey™ uses real-time transit data and integrates Google Maps functionality.

Pingo Journey™ is a direct complement to TRC’s existing app feature, Transit Connect™, which guarantees connections for riders to existing fixed route networks. Thanks to Pingo Journey™ and Pingo’s Transit Connect™, on-demand services no longer exist in a vacuum.

Pingo Journey™ is easy to use. When users enter their origin and destination, they are provided with the range of available multi-modal trips. Where a trip includes a Pingo™ vehicle, that vehicle can be requested within the app.