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Pingo Analytics™

Next-generation data analytics offering best in class reporting


Pingo Analytics™ is our next generation customer transit analytics and reporting tool that offers best-in-class customer data access, with customizable reports meeting the FTA's National Transit Database requirements.

The new reporting features – including new self-serve reporting capabilities and additional on-demand transit (“ODT”) metrics – can be used to combine pre-developed reports for NTD reporting, or to generate any report an operator needs whether in real time or based on historical data. 


Unmatched data management

Pingo Analytics™ is a direct result of customer collaboration and market listening. This approach to reporting and data management offers multiple advantages: 

  • Customer Business Intelligence dashboards and analytics are now fully embedded in the Pingo Dashboard™ operations management tool;
  • Customers can independently create fully custom reports, including customizable charts and the capability to build custom reports;
  • Customers can view all metrics in one place, and can download and customize data when choosing to send reports to users; and
  • Data can be viewed for multiple fleets simultaneously – including rider, driver, and vehicle activity.

NTD-compliant reporting

Pingo Analytics™ reports are fully customizable to meet the U.S. Federal Transit Administration's (“FTA”) National Transit Database (or “NTD”) requirements.

  • All reports can be customized by users to leverage real-time or historic data, in any format and for any time period.
  • Pingo Analytics™ also enables configuration of reports – including metrics and key data points as selected by the customer – that automatically deliver to key stakeholders.
  • This allows greater customer access to operating data, allowing insights to be leveraged without additional work, and eliminating a common pain point of report access.