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Pingo Flex™

Flex between fixed and on-demand transit routes


Keep your fixed transit routes but add an “on-demand element” or add a fixed route component to your on-demand service with our unique Pingo Flex™ feature.

Fixed routes work well for high-density or “peaky” demand that moves point to point, while on-demand transit works better where demand is more spread out (both in sense of time and geography). Often, however, you’ll have a mix of both — and that’s where Pingo Flex™ can help.


Pingo Flex™ Primarily Fixed Route

An agency runs a fixed route along a narrow area of high density (perfect for a fixed route) but has intermittent demand along the way, say a mile off the route (especially e.g. from paratransit users or others who can’t travel easily to the fixed route). The service can be set to deviate from the fixed route to pick up these riders when certain constraints are met (e.g. time, distance, rider type and so on).

Pingo Flex™ Primarily On-Demand

An agency runs a primarily on-demand service that switches to a “fixed” route at a certain time when there’s a known spike in demand. This could be when school gets out at 3.30pm or when a factory shift ends at 6pm. In the case of the school example, the bus will make a designated stop at the school at say 3.35pm and then run a fixed route for an hour after that before returning to on-demand.

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