Our Offering

Our products make transit more convenient and reliable for all

Our Core Suite products are at the heart of all we do. Our rider app Ride Pingo™, our driver app Drive Pingo™, and our operator control center Pingo Dashboard™ are all designed with a user-first mentality, work seamlessly together, and are driven by our uniquely powerful, proprietary Algorithm.

Our Algorithm

The engine that powers it all


TRC’s algorithm solves an optimization problem as to which vehicles should pick up and drop off which riders and in which order. And it does this in a way that other trip pooling algorithms can’t.

Solving this is a massive task. With just 10 passengers requesting at around the same time, you’ve got over 2,000 possible pickup and drop off sequences.

The challenge with other on-demand algorithms on the market is that they don't optimize in real-time, meaning - they respond too slowly to what's actually happening on the streets.

TRC’s algorithm is different – it uses live data, including possible pick up and drop off sequences, updating its calculations constantly.

From there it starts by eliminating the most inefficient routes as well as those falling outside any constraints set by the operator (such as geographical ones, wait times, and so on) – consider it a “pruning the tree” approach. Once that’s done, TRC’s algorithm considers the remaining combinations at a much higher speed.