Press ReleaseJun 24, 2021
Written by TRC Staff

‘Ens movem per tu’: TRC launches in Andorra

We’re excited to share that The Routing Company’s MIT-inspired technology is live in Andorra following this week’s launch in Escaldes-Engordany — bringing TRC’s global footprint to five communities on three different continents in just six months.

Our launch in Andorra, a principality nestled in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain, follows months of careful planning and close collaboration with municipal leaders in the parish. It also reflects our deep commitment to partner with cities and communities to power the future of public transit.

For this launch post, we thought we’d do something different. So we caught up with Rosa Gili Casals, the innovative Mayor of Escaldes-Engordany, to get her thoughts on why her parish decided to work with The Routing Company and what she hopes to achieve through our partnership.

The interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity:

TRC Staff: Why did you decide to partner with The Routing Company?

Mayor Rosa Gili Casals: The municipal leaders overseeing the project evaluated a broad array of services and technological options and how the companies themselves would contribute to the success of the project. Finally, the best of the options turned out to be the one offered by The Routing Company, through not only its technology but also how it (and they) could adapt to meet the unique needs of our parish.

TRC: What role do you see technology playing in improving public services like transportation?

M.G.C.: The role of technology in this “bus on demand” project, and more broadly any project aimed at improving the lives and well-being of our citizens, is absolutely fundamental and essential. To overlook or underestimate the power of technology is to significantly diminish your likelihood of success. We are immersed in the age of technology, telecommunications, social networks and innovation; and Escaldes-Engordany does not want to be left behind in this race for improvement and excellence.

Mayor Rosa Gili Casals speaking at the launch event in Andorra

TRC: How would you describe your experience working with The Routing Company?

M.G.C.: The Routing Company was easy to work with and provided us with a clear sense and vision of what was needed for the project to succeed. Their team worked very closely with ours at the Comú of Escaldes-Engordany, and was involved with the project every step of the way.

TRC: What outcomes do you hope to see from bringing TRCs rider app, Ride Pingo, to the parish?

M.G.C.: Clearly, the result we want to see is the success of the “bus on demand” service with Pingo and The Routing Company. That means the platform needs to work well for users, operators and administrators of the service. We’re also aware there will be challenges that come up during the pilot period, and we hope to solve them quickly as they come up. Being leaders of services using this technology in the Principality of Andorra makes us very ambitious and optimistic about the results.

TRC: What is your vision for transportation in the parish and the region?

M.G.C.: As one of the most populated parishes in the country and with one of the highest volumes of traffic in the Principality, our vision is that people who live in areas far from the parish centre who do not have their own vehicle, who have mobility problems or who simply want an agile and on-demand transport system can have one at their fingertips. We would also like to see people minimize the use of the private vehicle and, as a result, cause a reduction in emissions. We are a municipality aware of sustainability and the environment and our parish is and will continue to be a leader in respecting the environment.