Jan 8, 2024
Written by Editorial Staff

TRC, Swiftly Team Up

The Routing Company, Stertil-Koni USA, and Cummins recently announced news from their respective companies.

TRC, Swiftly Partner to Improve On-Time Transit Connections

The Routing Company (TRC) and Swiftly have launched a joint approach that improves on-time transit connections. 

The partnership leverages the real-time transit feed specification or “GTFS-rt” data usage across more transit modes in TRC’s customer deployments, thereby enabling TRC’s Transit Connect feature to work.

GTFS and GTFS-rt are common standardized formats of data distribution used to provide relevant transit system data to passengers, such as transit schedules and associated geographic information. 

"Our partnership with Swiftly is positioned to advance transit accessibility, while providing greater confidence to passengers that they’ll make their connections on time,” said James Cox, CEO of TRC. “Our products are perfectly complementary; not only expanding the reach of critically-needed GTFS data from Swiftly, but leveraging it to supercharge our Transit Connect feature which guarantees on-time onward transit connections for passengers.”

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