Scioto Valley Guardian
Jun 26, 2024
Written by Editorial Staff

Chillicothe Transit to make changes for on-demand trips starting July 1

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio — Starting July 1, 2024, Chillicothe’s transit system is changing how On-Demand trips are handled during Fixed Route bus hours, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Now, if you’re trying to book an On-Demand ride between two Fixed Route bus stops, you’ll be directed to take the Fixed Route bus instead. This adjustment aims to make sure more On-Demand rides are available for people going to places not served by regular bus routes.

The City of Chillicothe recommends downloading the Ride Pingo app to keep track of Fixed Route buses in real-time. This app makes it easy to share rides around town for the cost of a bus ticket. It’s a convenient and affordable way for you and your community to get around. You can use the app to request On-Demand rides, check Shuttle schedules, or book Access rides.

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