Press ReleaseApr 26, 2024
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TRC celebrates launch of WAVE Bus, a new Dial-a-Ride service connecting rural communities across Michigan

Launch with Western Washtenaw Area Value Express marks TRC’s first service in Michigan

April 26, 2024 New York, New York, USA: The Routing Company (“TRC”), a global on-demand vehicle routing and management platform partnering with cities to power the future of public transit, today celebrated Western Washtenaw Area Value Express (“WAVE”)’s successful launch of a rural Dial-a-Ride service – powered by TRC’s Ride Pingo app – in Western Washtenaw, Michigan. With a total of ten vehicles, the service operates under the name WAVE Bus, and includes both fixed lines and on-demand transit. 

WAVE is a transit agency providing rides for those living and traveling in greater Western Washtenaw County, serving over 27,000 public transit rides annually. The operator is focused on improving passenger safety through extensive driver training, community connection, cost-efficient rides and accessibility for all riders.

“We look forward to seeing how we can enhance the customer experience for all of WAVE’s riders, in the pursuit of flexible, efficient, and responsive rural transit,” said James Cox, Chief Executive Officer, TRC. “An open service, powered by Pingo, delivers on WAVE’s slogan of ‘Rides for All’ and on our shared commitment to connect rural communities.”

“Statistically speaking, since COVID, each of our demand-responsive, door-to-door service routes have averaged at 1 passenger per hour. During the first days of the Pingo, we saw increases to a range of 1.28 to 2.4 per hour. We also quickly identified that our services could shift, without asking donors or municipal partners for more dollars, to increase riding hours from 8am-4pm to 5:30am-10pm, meeting the number one request our riders have had” said Marie Gress, WAVE Executive Director.

TRC is supporting WAVE’s on-demand transit needs with its full suite of Pingo products – including Pingo Access™, Pingo Shuttle™, and Pingo Rural™. Launched in October 2022, Pingo Access™ is a game changer tool in delivering paratransit services, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing the paratransit rider experience.

TRC’s award-winning Pingo platform includes the Drive Pingo™ and Ride Pingo™ apps and the Pingo Dashboard™ operations management tool, which together provide on-demand, paratransit, fixed, shuttle, and flexible transit that enhances ridership of existing transit networks. 

Pingo has moved over one million passengers to date. To learn more, visit, or to request a demo email

About TRC

Founded by MIT researchers and rideshare industry veterans, TRC is a global on-demand vehicle routing and management platform that partners with cities to power the future of public transit. Leveraging proprietary and unrivalled artificial intelligence, TRC delivers routing from multiple points of demand to one vehicle while enabling greater transit equity, accessibility, cost efficiency, and sustainability. Its leading product, the Pingo™ app, offers on-demand or advance trip requests and can operate in on-demand, flex, fixed, or paratransit mode. 

With a team spanning eight countries, TRC directly supports international operations and customer growth through hubs in Canada, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Learn more at

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