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Press ReleaseMar 19, 2024
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TRC surpasses one million passengers moved; originally inspired by MIT high capacity on-demand transportation research

March 19, 2024 New York, New York, USA: The Routing Company (“TRC”), a global on-demand vehicle routing and management platform partnering with cities to power the future of public transit, today announced it surpassed more than one million passengers moved.

The milestone was powered by TRC’s award-winning Pingo suite of products, including the Drive Pingo™ and Ride Pingo™ apps and the Pingo Dashboard™ operations management tool. Since 2021 – when its first deployment went live in Scotland – TRC has been moving communities more efficiently through on-demand, commingled paratransit, fixed, shuttle, and flexible transit.

“In 2017, the concept of TRC came to life through research at MIT, and then nearly one year ago we surpassed 200,000 passengers moved – so to see our growth catapult past one million in a year’s time is incredibly humbling and rewarding,” said James Cox, Chief Executive Officer, TRC. “This milestone is a direct reflection and celebration of the trust, collaboration, and advancements we’ve made with our customers, and the innovations we have designed and launched together that have enabled more efficient movement at scale.”

TRC was founded in 2019 by Alex Wallar and Menno van der Zee, who identified a more efficient way to move people at scale with shared rides. Since then, TRC’s deployments have expanded to five countries – the United States, the Netherlands, Andorra, Scotland, and England.

“2023 was a monumental year for TRC from a customer and product perspective, with some remarkable strides made on both fronts. We added two new ways to move with the launch of our first commingled paratransit service, as well as the launch of our first non-emergency medical transportation deployment,” said Cox. “We also celebrated our first contracts in New York and Ohio, as well as our fifth in California and sixth in the UK.”

TRC tripled its deployments in 2023, growing from 10 to 32, and supported its customers in doubling ridership through on-demand transit (“ODT”). Highlights are shared in TRC’s 2023 year in review

“While we continued focusing on the customer experience through each new deployment, our incredible team of engineers was hard at work developing new products. As a result, we introduced two game-changing products that have directly contributed to our growth: Pingo Access and Pingo Analytics. Each of these on their own is worth celebrating, but together with our continued ability to deliver on ‘customer love’ – with an industry-leading NPS score of 75 – these moments are entrenching TRC’s position as a leader in truly efficient ridesharing. We are proving we do what we say, and deliver on a promise to make the rider experience better.”

In 2024, TRC has already announced the availability of new features within Pingo Analytics™, and the launch of two new products: Pingo Rural™ and The Hub™.

“We have continually invested in product improvement since the day we started on-demand service, and the result is that riders have consistently said they loved the experience of using Pingo to get where they need to go,” said NIko Rekhviashvili, Director of Product, TRC. “This reality is underscored in the increase of our passenger trips, and the exciting milestone we just surpassed. Communities have shown true customer love for using Ride Pingo, and our steadfast focus on product improvement, efficiency, and customer experience has made a difference – catalyzing our growth and number of deployments.”

Pingo Access™ is delivering commingled paratransit services, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing the paratransit rider experience. TRC’s FAST deployment has already illustrated that Pingo Access™ can turn the paratransit experience into a more responsive, empowering, and better quality transportation experience for riders.

Pingo Analytics™ is TRC’s next generation customer transit analytics and reporting tool, with customizable reports that meet National Transit Database (or “NTD”) reporting requirements. 

Recent data from Ride Pingo users demonstrates a remarkable 31% of trips occur in place of single occupancy vehicle trips, meaning more cars taken off the road. TRC measures passengers moved by “PAX” – the number of people moved in a vehicle per revenue hour through its Pingo app – and using TRC’s Pingo platform, operators can regularly fill 18-person shuttles with on-demand point to point service. 

TRC’s award-winning Pingo platform includes the Drive Pingo™ and Ride Pingo™ apps and the Pingo Dashboard™ operations management tool, which together provide on-demand, paratransit, fixed, shuttle, and flexible transit that enhances ridership of existing transit networks. 

Pingo has moved over one million passengers to date. To learn more, visit theroutingcompany.com, or to request a demo email move@theroutingcompany.com

About TRC

Founded by MIT researchers and rideshare industry veterans, TRC is a global on-demand vehicle routing and management platform that partners with cities to power the future of public transit. Leveraging proprietary and unrivalled artificial intelligence, TRC delivers routing from multiple points of demand to one vehicle while enabling greater transit equity, accessibility, cost efficiency, and sustainability. Its leading product, the Pingo™ app, offers on-demand or advance trip requests and can operate in on-demand, flex, fixed, or paratransit mode. 

With a team spanning eight countries, TRC directly supports international operations and customer growth through hubs in Canada, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Learn more at theroutingcompany.com.

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